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Étuve Spéciale n° : J705

24m3 oven for the polymerization of composite parts up to 250°C.
    Technical data:
  • Working volume: 3 x 8 m3
  • Internal dimensions WxDxH: 2x6x2 m
  • Total installed capacity: 155 kVA
  • Power supply: 3P + PE 400V 50Hz
  • Maxi temperature: 250°C

A modular construction with many options
The oven is composed of 3 modules.
Each module is equipped with a fan engine, 44 kW of heating power and a cooling system.
A ventilation pressure switch measures airflow in each module. A safety is associated; in case of wrong airflow the functioning of the oven is inhibited.
Each cooling system is composed of an extractor and air inlet and outlet with motorized flaps.
Cooling is managed by the control system: in case of cooling request, the cooling system is working.
The oven is delivered with a jib crane that allows you to handle and replace fan engines in the safest and easiest possible way.
Each module has also two inner lighting points.
An insulation plate must be placed under the oven in order to avoid heat dissipation.
The oven is equipped with 16 plugs for K thermocouple mobile probes, Ø 60 mm and Ø 20 mm access ports for passing additional probes or cables.
A set of movable tubes inside the oven allows to maintain these probes.

A perfectly adapted and optimized management of the oven
The oven management is possible thanks to the FRANCE ETUVES FE3000 supervision software or thanks to the Human-Machine Interface.
The FE3000 control and supervision system has many advantages: easy-to-use, complete and secure oven management, programs creation….
The Human-Machine Interface allows you to control at constant temperature, set the safety value, manage the defaults, set configuration parameters, manage vacuum, visualize temperatures measured by mobile probes…
The control panel is equipped with an emergency stop that allows you to cut off all functions of the oven in case of problem.
It is also equipped with a stack light that indicates the state of the launched program and the presence of a default with sound and visual alarm.
Each module is equipped with safeties that protect the oven and the products from possible overheating.

Efficient pumping
The oven is equipped with a vacuum system for vacuum bags.
Inside the oven, you will find: - a vacuum measurement line composed of 6 vacuum fittings with vacuum sensors, - a vacuum line composed of 6 quick couplings with solenoid valves.
This system allows to make vacuum independently inside 6 bags and to measure vacuum level in each one.
Outside the oven, you will find a shut-off valve to isolate the vacuum unit and a DN25KF fitting to connect it.
The vacuum unit is composed of vacuum sensor, a tank, solenoid valves, carbon filter, vacuum pump, purge valve….
Vacuum is easily controlled by the FE3000 supervision software or by the Human-Machine Interface.

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