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Étuve Spéciale n° : H039

Oven for the polymerization of composite parts for a French company leader in mechanical and composite parts industrialization.
    Technical Data:
  • Working volume: 20 m3 (2 x 10 m3)
  • Internal dimensions WxDxH: 2500x4000x2000 mm
  • Total installed capacity: 78 kW
  • Power supply: 400V 3P+PE 50Hz
  • Mini / maxi temperature: 60°C / 250°C
  • Temperature homogeneity, empty oven: less than +/- 5°C
  • Temperature control stability: +/- 0,5°C
  • Temperature ramp: 2°C/min for an estimated load of 700kg maxi

A modular construction
The oven is composed of two 10m3-modules. Later you can add modules thanks to the back part which is removable. The internal sheets are made of corrosion-resistant 430 stainless steel.
The oven has a removable partition wall allowing you to isolate the second module. The depth moves from 4m to 2m. A selector located on the control panel allows you to choose between a use with only the 1st module or with the both. When you use only the 1st module, the operation of the 2nd module is inhibited. So you make energy savings.
The control panel, electrical box and supervision software screen are located on the right side of the oven.
Each module has 2 inner lighting points controlled by a switch on the control panel.
The double door has a window on each leaf allowing you to watch the process.
On the left side of the oven, there are six Ø 40 mm access ports for cables and 8 plugs for mobile J thermocouples. The mobile probes allow to check temperature anywhere in the working volume. Temperatures measured by these probes are recorded by the FE3000 supervision software.
An insulating plate must be placed under the oven in order to avoid heat dissipation at the ground level. The ground of the oven is beveled on the front for an easy access with trolleys.

A simple and efficient management
The temperature control is managed by two temperature controllers (one per module). It is possible to make simple control (control at a constant temperature) by directly setting set point value in these controllers. Temperature is measured by J thermocouples (one per module).
    The oven is equipped with the FE3000 supervision software allowing:
  • Temperature programs management,
  • Events recording,
  • Temperatures acquisition,
  • Data export in CSV format,
  • Ethernet network connection,
  • Cycle control according to one or several mobile thermocouples…
When you launch a program from the software, the temperature controllers located on the control panel are driven by the software.

A reliable and efficient oven
Each module has a fan that evenly distributes air in the working volume and an air change inlet and outlet with motorized flaps. The motorized flaps are controlled by an electronic controller on which you must set in percent the required air change flow.
Heating is ensured by heating elements. The heating power per module is 33 kW. The heating elements are controlled by solid state relays.
Each module has a cooling system composed of an extractor, cooling inlet and outlet with motorized flaps. The opening of the flaps and the extractors power-on are controlled by the controllers. In case of overheating, the inlets and outlets open and the extractors work.

Oven, product and operator safeties
Temperature safety is ensured by two safety controllers (one per module). They measure temperature in the working volume thanks to J thermocouples and take in charge control in case of failure of the main controllers. They cut off heating in case of overheating.
An independent mechanical safety thermostat with reset (class 2) per module protects the oven against possible overheating.
When the oven is working, ventilation and heating are cut off if the door is open.
Inside the oven, two safety cables allow an operator accidently gets stuck in the oven to power off the oven. He can go out thanks to the inner handle of the double leaf door.

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