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Étuve Spéciale n° : F545

Degassing under vacuum of metallic precision parts before surface treatment for automotive sport.

    Technical Data:
  • Volume: 240L
  • Maximum Temperature: 400°C
  • Inner Casing Size: 470 x 1000 x 470 mm
  • Wattage: 16 000 Watts

  • Oven on frame for placing the vacuum pump
  • Control panel in the lower part of the oven
  • Max. temperature 400°c, using at 350°C
  • Insulated door
  • Door gasket easily removable
  • Cooling of the gasket flange of the door by municipal water circuit or by cooler
  • Offtakes with heating cord
  • Cooling of the oven by ambient air in a double wall between the inner casing and the insulation
  • Logic controller for managing heating time and cooling extractors’ power on
  • Digital recorder
  • Perforated shelves on guide rails, 50kg per shelf as maximum load

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