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Vacuum Oven low vacuum XFE      

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XFE Low vacuum oven France Etuves

Our XFL vacuum ovens are suitable to realise all those applications:

- Moderate drying for sensitive products
- Fast drying
- Degassing / Degassing of metal
- Bleeding
- Heating of metal parts for surface treatment
- The vacuum avoids oxidation by air
- Polymerization vacuum -> without oxidation
- Degassing silicone parts for manufacturers of connectors
- Sensor of high pressure that must be filled with special oil to protect the sensing element: remove the air from the cavity to fill with oil (vacuum)
- Test / Calibration of barometers
- Degassing gel candles to eliminate air bubbles
- Dehydration of powder solvend soaked

Applications App_spatial

Spacial applications :

When a satellite is launched in space, its components will begin to degas. To avoid problems such as pollution in precision optics in the case of an observation’s satellite, we can force the degassing before the launch by heating under vacuum.

Degassing pieces :

Degassing pieces of high precision for Formula One engine, before surface treatment.


Our Vacuum ovens XFL are suitable for drying* of sensitive products, thermal treatments of oxidizable materials, quick drying of powders and granulate... in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, plastics, electronics, chemical, agrifood… laboratories or industries.

* For any drying application, please contact us to explain exactly your need to +33 164213060. We will help you to find the products adapted to your needs.

Max temperature : 200°C

Vacuum range : according to your Vacuum pump.
up to 1 mbar
(absolute pressure)

3 sizes : 20, 50 and 120 liters.

A solid construction
for lasting performance.

Exterior made of steel coated with blue and white epoxy paints
The inner casing is made of corrosion resistant strong thick stainless steel.

No contact between the inner and outer casings for no thermal bridge.
Insulation is made of asbestos-free glass wool : low surface temperature, low electrical consumption, a rapid rise in temperature.

The door is equipped with a thick safety glass.

A silicone gasket provides the seal of the door. Closing the door at 2 points.

The rounded corners of the inner casing make easier cleaning operations ; the racks and the seal are easy-to-remove.

XFE XFE020-2
XFE XFE020-3

An efficient heating.

Heating is ensured by heating elements located on outer faces of the inner casing for the best homogeneity.

The temperature sensor is located inside the oven.

Easy temperature controls.

Vacuum ovens XFE feature a DN16KF passage with a silicone plug. It is possible to introduce sensors for temperature measurements inside the oven.

An easy connection
of your vacuum pump.

Teats allow the pumping of air and vacuum breaking.

Vacuum control

The vacuum level is controlled by the C3030 regulator as soon as the user modifies the vacuum setpoint.

The vacuum pump power on/off is automatic.

Setting the vacuum setpoint to 0 mbar means a permanent pumping.

A "vacuum break" button allows the automatic rise to atmospheric pressure without modifying the vacuum setpoint.
XFE Vide
XFE C3030-200-vide

The C3030 temperature profiler

The FRANCE-ETUVES C3030 temperature controller is very accurate and particularly reliable.
Measurement by PT100 or TCJ probe. Electronic PID temperature controller. Accuracy: 0.1°C.
Color display, excellent visibility of temperatures.

Functions :
- display of setpoint and measured temperature
- display (in percentage) of the heating power used
- date and time display
- vacuum level display
- Possibility of making 1 program with 8 steps: 4 programmable temperature ramps (°C/min) and 4 heating timer (max 9999min)
- delayed start
- repeat loop
- monitoring of your current program (step and remaining time)
- pause or stop the program
- end of cycle buzzer
- several settings of the protection thermostat (TWW or TWB modes)
- PID adjustment
- possibility of adding a temperature correction at 2 distinct temperatures (offsets)
- automatic fault diagnosis. Display of faults
- RS485 modbus multipoint communication: allows to control several ovens on the same network

Protections for your oven
and your products.

- Heating and pumping, automatic stop when the door is opened . This function can be deactivated in the parameters of the C3030.

The ovens are equipped with an electronic thermostat with 2 modes (TWW or TWB) according to DIN 12 880.

- In TWW mode, the overheating protection thermostat behaves like an electronic thermostat with automatic reset (protection class 3.1). It measures the temperature in the volume, and control the temperature in the event of failure of the temperature controller. It stops heating until the temperature has dropped below the value of its setting.

- In TWB mode, the overheating protection thermostat behaves like an electronic thermostat with manual reset (protection class 2.0). When the measured temperature exceeds the set value, the heating is switched off. It is only available again if the thermostat is manually reset.

- Setpoint Deviation Temperature (SDT)
The SDT system is a mechanism for monitoring the set temperature within a set tolerance zone. This is a temperature tracking alarm.

With visual and audible alarm.

Note : It is possible to control the oven with a computer through a RS485 connection and Modbus protocol.

Loading trays

Vacuum ovens XFE are provided with 1 aluminum tray.

Each tray can hold up to 30 kg distributed.

The racks are easily removable for easy cleaning.

XFE Plateau

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