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Drum heaters ovens XDH      

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XDH Drum heaters France Etuves

A range developed to
heats your drums.

Maximum temperature : 100°C

The range of XDH drums heaters has been designed for heating raw materials stored in totes or in IBCs.

8 sizes available depending on the quantity of drums to be incorporated : 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 24 and 32 drums.

XDH Etuve-chauffe-fut-xdh04-1
XDH Xdh04-2-fe

A really robust oven !

The outer sheets are made of electro galvanized steel coated with a white and blue epoxy paint. The interior casing is made of galvanized steel.

The integrated reinforcement and the structural elements ensure the robustness of the oven.

The thermal insulation optimized by 80 mm of rock wool without asbestos, and no contact between inner and outer casing allow :
- low heat dissipation,
- reduce the temperature rise time,
- low surface temperatures,
- excellent thermal stability,
- reduced energy costs.

Until model XDH08, the ovens have a single door with hinges on the right. From the XDH12 model, the ovens have a double-leaf door with an internal anti-locking safety handle.

The control panel is located on the electrical box on the left side of the oven.

A Ø 20 mm entry port with silicone cork, located on the left side of the oven, allows different cables and probes to pass through.

Precision and efficiency
of temperature control

Temperature control is provided by a PID electronic controller. It measures the temperature with a PT100 probe placed in the air flow. Digital display. Precision : 0.1°>
A digital weekly clock will allow you to define the operating periods of the oven for each day of the week.

The heating is ensured by heating elements ideally placed in the air flow. They are controlled by SSRs.

XDH Regulateur-xdh
XDH Securite-xdh

Safety features
for you, your oven and your products.

An independent adjustable safety controller with digital display (class 3.1 protection) protects your products. It measures the temperature in the volume, and supports the regulation in the event of failure of the temperature controller. It cuts the heating elements off in case of overheating until the temperature has dropped below the value of the setting.

An independent over temperature thermostat with manual reset (class 2 protection) protects the oven. It checks if the temperature rises unusually. Heating is then cut.

In case of failure of the ventilation fan, the heating is stopped.

Stop fan and heating when the door is opened.

Inside the oven, ther is an anti-overpressure passage.

The ovens are equipped with a door with an inside handle allowing an accidentally locked operator to free himself.

Visual alarms inform operators of overheating problems.

Retention tray

The oven is equipped with a removable internal retention tray (two trays for bigger sizes). It is positioned on the oven floor and allows you to harvest products that may flow during your process.

A drain valve will then evacuate the materials.

XDH Bac-retention-xdh

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