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Laboratory ovens used in medical laboratories for biology, bacteriology, chemistry, and research, suitable for all applications of bacteria culture, drying, hot preservation, sterilization, glassware drying, calcination ...

Standard interior sizes range from 20 to 980 liters. Accurated temperature from 0°C to 300°C, depending on the model. (1200°C for calcination).

Our ranges of standard ovens


Since the 2000s, we have manufactured thousands of special ovens ! You will not find elsewhere experience also extended as ours, as well as manufacturing quality equivalent. We design new products every months! You can see below all activities where we had designed and manufactured ovens :

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L053 Étuve spéciale sur mesure - SP
Domaine d'activité : Cosmétique
Volume de la chambre : 45.2 m3
Température : 80 °C
Données techniques : L053
H632 Étuve spéciale sur mesure - SP
Domaine d'activité : Pharmacie
Volume de la chambre : 343 litres
Température : 50 °C
Données techniques : H632

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