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Special oven nb : J527

Oven for the polymerization of composite parts on steel tooling (2000 kg).

    Technical data:
  • Working volume: 48 m3

  • Internal dimensions WxDxH: 4000x4000x3000 mm

  • Heating power: 154 kVA

  • Mini / maxi temperature: 60°C / 200°C

  • Demanded temperature increase ramp: between 1 and 1,5°C/min

  • Demanded temperature decrease ramp: 1°C/min maxi

The oven is composed of two 24 m3 modules.

An insulating plate is under the ground of the oven in order to avoid thermal dissipations. An access ramp is fixed at the entrance of the oven in order to make easier the access of trolleys.

The oven has three Ø 100 mm access ports equipped with a ISOK-DN100 connecting piece and covered by protective covers. These access ports are available for the user.

The door is equipped with a window on each door leaf and each module has two inner lighting points. This allows you to watch the process.

On the right inner side, there are 8 vacuum quick couplings allowing you to polymerize under vacuum composite parts put into vacuum bags.

The door is equipped with an electromagnetic lock to block it above a temperature set in the controller.

An air extractor, controlled by the temperature controller, allows to cool down the whole oven.

The dual-loop temperature profiler allows to control at best temperature in each module. A stack light indicates the state of the program. A Human-Machine Interface allows you to control temperature safety and vacuum.

Many safeties protect the oven and the products. Pressure switches check if the airflow is sufficient to ensure the best homogeneity possible. An electronic safety checks that temperature does not exceed the temperature set point; if not heating is cut off. Heating and ventilation are cut off at each door’s opening in order to protect the operator against hot air drafts. An emergency stop allows you to cut off the oven in case of problem. Inside the oven, a stop cable on the whole depth allows an operator accidently shut to cut off the oven, unlock the door and free himself thanks to the inner handle of the door. At each default’s appearance, a sound alarm rings and heating is cut off.
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