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Special oven nb : J514

Vacuum oven for under vacuum and atmospheric pressure operations of plasma engines parts in order to dry after bonding and cleaning.

    Technical data:
  • Internal dimensions WxDxH: 470x500x470 mm

  • Ultimate vacuum: 1 mbar (low vacuum)

  • Maxi temperature: 300°C

  • Heating power: 2880 W

The oven has been designed to be compatible with a class 100000 clean room.

The oven is fixed on a sub-frame allowing you to put in it the two stages diaphragm vacuum pump.

At the backside of the oven, a DN16KF access port with removable cork enables to pass probes.

The door is equipped with an electromagnetic lock. It locks the door above 50°C.

The controller-profiler-recorder enables the temperature and vacuum control, to create pressure and temperature programs and to record the measured values.

On the control panel, a RJ45 connector allows you to remotely communicate with the controller and a USB plug enables to retrieve saved data.

The vacuum sensor was delivered with a calibration certificate.
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