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Special oven nb : J409

XF120 oven for degassing under vacuum and nitrogen flushing of covers and bases.

    Technical data:
  • Working volume: 110L

  • Internal dimensions WxDxH: 470x500x470 mm

  • Heating power of inner casing: 2880W

  • Heating power of the 3 heating plates: 6000 W

  • Mini / maxi temperature: ambient temperature + 20°C / 200°C

  • Ultimate vacuum of the pump: 3.10-2 mbar

The oven is fixed on a sub-frame in order to put in it the vacuum pump that is delivered with the oven. The feet of the sub-frame are high-adjustable in order to put the oven level.

A DN63 ISOK access port with stopper is available at the backside of the oven for a future adaptation of an electrical access.

The metal parts in contact with the parts had been connected to the earth.

The XF vacuum ovens give a radiant heating. The heating elements are located on the perimeter of the inner casing. Additionally, this oven has 3 heating plates. The heating plates enable a best thermal distribution for the products. Each one contains a heating element, a control probe and a safety probe.

Temperature control is for the 4 areas: for the walls and for each heating plate.

At the end of a cycle, in order to cool down and break vacuum, nitrogen is flushed in the oven until the atmospheric pressure is reached. Once the atmospheric pressure is reached, the solenoid valve of the nitrogen flushing closes.

The oven is equipped with a Human-Machine Interface that enables the configuration and the launch of a temperature program, the setting of temperature and vacuum simple control, the activation of the nitrogen flushing, the defaults management, the setting of the product safety, the display of the measured temperatures and vacuum levels.

An independent safety thermostat with reset (class 2 protection) enables the temperature protection of the oven.

A 3 colors stack light indicates the presence of defaults, the activation of the nitrogen flushing and the launching of a program.

The oven is delivered with the calibration certificate of the temperature probes and of the pressure sensor.
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