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Special oven nb : H883

Vacuum oven for drying spatial cryogenic parts after tests to remove humidity marks.

    Technical data:
  • Volume: 512 L

  • Internal dimensions WxDxH: 800x800x800 mm

  • Maxi temperature: 50°C

  • Ultimate vacuum: 10-2 mbar

The oven was designed to be placed in a 100000 class clean room.

It is fixed on a sub-frame with carrying bars for pallet trucks.

On the door, you will find two lighting devices controlled by a switch placed on the control panel. Once they are lighted, it is easy to monitor its process by looking through the window.

The oven is equipped with a controller-profiler-recorder ensuring temperature and vacuum controls. It also records temperatures measured by the PT100 control probe and vacuum levels measured by the piezoelectric sensor.

A USB port allows you to retrieve the saved data. A RJ45 plug allows you to communicate remotely with the controller.

An independent safety controller protects the objects and the oven from possible overheating. It measures temperature in the working volume thanks to a J thermocouple probe.

The oven is delivered with a single-stage rotary vane pump fixed on a support that protects it and that allows to handle it carefully.

The vacuum pump is connected to the DN25KF pumping fitting of the oven.

An operating mode switch allows you to choose between vacuum control, pumping up to ultimate vacuum and breaking vacuum by nitrogen up to the atmospheric pressure.

It is also possible to break vacuum by air thanks to a manual valve.
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