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Special oven nb : H632

Custom-made oven for storing closed ethanol flasks at 40°C.

    Technical data:
  • Working volume: 343 L

  • Internal dimensions WxDxH: 700x700x700 mm

  • Heating power: 3000 W

  • Mini / maxi temperature: ambient temperature + 15°C / 50°C

  • Airborne noise: less than 70 dB

An ATEX extractor ensures a permanent air change. The required minimum air change flow is 150m3/h; a speed controller adjusts the flow. Flow is checked by a pressure switch in the Ø 100 mm air change duct, located on the top part of the oven. Hot air discharge from the oven is in a duct independent from any other extraction circuit. The wide latticed air inlet, located under the oven, avoids that impurities enter in the oven.

Temperature control is ensured by a controller-recorder to control the oven at a constant temperature and to record measured temperatures.

A RJ45 connector allows you to remotely communicate with the controller. A USB port allows you to retrieve saved data.

An electronic safety device ensures the control in case of a failure of the main temperature controller and cuts off heating in case of overheating.

The control and safety probes are ATEX PT100 probes.

Heating is cut off when you power on the oven, when a default appears and when the door is open. A reset button allows you to activate heating in case of a cycle starting, after resolving a problem or after closing the door.

The internal sheets are made of 430 stainless steel.

The oven is fixed on a sub-frame with high-adjustable feet in order to make the oven on level.

A Ø 20 mm access port is centered on the right side. It is equipped with a cork. You can pass cables, calibration probes….

The oven is supplied with loading shelves that can support up to 30 kg each one. Shelves are on anti-tilting supports for easy loading / unloading. A stainless steel tray must be placed on the ground of the oven in order to collect condensate.
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