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Special oven nb : H404

Special oven for the burn-in of electronic boards at 225°C.

    Technical data:
  • Volume: 343 L

  • Internal dimensions WxDxH: 700x700x700 mm

  • External dimensions WxDxH: 1155x1628x2670 mm

  • Maxi temperature: 250°C

  • Required warm-up and cooling speed: 6 to 8°C/min with 25 kg of distributed load

  • Heating power: 6 kW

An atypical manufacturing

The oven is as bell-shaped, i.e. that the passage that allows the loading is in the lower part. The oven is fixed on a sub-frame that ensures its up and down positions. The oven covers the loaded products that have been placed on a vibrating table.

The passage that allows the loading is equipped with a special bi-material seal that is easily exchangeable. The seal ensures air tightness between the working volume of the oven and the vibrating table and it reduces speed of the arrival of the oven in down position.

The sub-frame is equipped with casters to place the oven above the vibrating table and with high-adjustable feet to immobilize the unit above the vibrating table.

The oven is equipped with a window and inner lighting controlled by a switch that allowing you to check that loading is centered in the working volume and to monitor the process.

The control panel is in the top part of the oven for smallest space requirements.

The inner sheets of the oven are made of stainless steel.

Up and down system

This system is mainly composed of:
- a counterweight linked to the oven with two chains: it can be mechanically locked in order to ensure the immobilization of the oven during acts of maintenance,
- a piston rod locking supplied with compressed air that allows to immobilize the oven whatever its position as long as the operator has not pressed the unlocking trigger,
- a handle with unlocking trigger: the long press on the trigger allows the operator to up and down the oven,
- an end cushioning to reduce speed of the arrival of the oven in up position,
- a position detector that allows to cut heating off when the oven is not correctly in down position – ventilation stops only if the temperature is below than 80°C in order to protect the fan engine.

Air cooling

The oven is equipped with an air cooling extractor. The air inlet and outlet are equipped with motorized flaps. The air cooling system is controlled by the temperature controller. During controlled temperature decrease, the controller sends the information to the air cooling system: the air inlet and outlet open according to the required flow and the extractor works.

The air outlet must be connected towards an exhaust system in order to exhausted air goes out from the premises in which the oven is located.

Temperature control, safeties

The Nanodac controller-profiler-recorder ensures temperature control, the creation and launch of programs and the recording of temperatures measured by the PT100 control probe.

A USB port allows you to retrieve data saved by the Nanodac. A RJ45 connector allows the remote communication with the Nanodac.

A mechanical and independent safety thermostat ensures the protection of the oven and products against possible overheating.

Alarms warn operators if there is a detected default about ventilation or cooling systems, compressed air supply or temperature safety.

A 9 points COFRAC cartography at 225°C according to the NFX15-140 standard was carried out.

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