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Special oven nb : H403

Oven for the polymerization of helicopter blades.

    Technical data:
  • Volume: 900 L

  • Internal dimensions WxDxH: 800x1400x800 mm

  • Working temperature: adjustable from 65°C up to 100°C

  • Heating power: 6 kW


The inner sheets of the oven are made of stainless steel. The outer sheets are made of electrogalvanized steel (RAL7035).

A protective handle is all around the oven (except at the door side) allowing you to move it easily.

A Ø 20 mm access port is located on the left side of the oven allowing you to pass cables and probes inside the oven.

Inside the oven, there is a plug for a mobile J thermocouple probe. This allows you to measure temperatures anywhere in the working volume.

The oven has two ventilation / heating areas. This system ensures excellent temperature homogeneity.

The electrical cabinet is located in the top part of the oven for smallest space requirements and this ensures perfect ergonomics for the operator. Air vents with G4 filters are on the top of the electrical cabinet in order to ventilate the electrical part.

Oven’s management

The control of the oven is ensured by the supervision system of the customer.

A fastening and a terminal block are available. The customer must connect his supervision system and do required connections so that the heating system, supervision, ventilation system, safeties and control equipment installed by the FRANCE ETUVES company are working.

An independent and mechanical safety thermostat protects the oven against possible overheating.

A default indicator lets know if an overheating or fan default occurs.

The oven undergoes a NFC15-100 control by the APAVE control authority.

Lifting table

The oven is on a lifting table with integrated hydraulic cylinder. The table is on casters with polyurethane tyres allowing you to move the oven easily.

A control button allows you to adjust the height of the table for an easy loading and unloading of the helicopter blade.

The lifting table is equipped with an anti-drop safety and can be mechanically blocked for maintenance.


The double leaf door has a special brush system that lets the blades through. The opening of the brushes may be vertical or horizontal thanks to removable housings (fastening by latches) in order to insert the blades on the edge or flat.

It is possible to adjust the space between the brushes to ensure the best temperature uniformity possible around the blade.

A recovery tray must be placed on the bottom of the oven to collect condensates.

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