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Special oven nb : H129

Oven for the polymerization of big composite parts for an aeronautics and sports company.

    Technical Data:
  • Volume: 48 m3
  • Maximum Temperature: 250°C
  • Inner Casing Size: 3000 x 8000 x 2000 mm
  • Wattage: 200 kWatts

48 m3 in the service of compsite

The oven is more than 4m wide, more than 8m deep and more than 3m tall.

To make the transport easier, the oven is composed of 4 modules. Each module as ventilation, heating and cooling systems.

The oven is equipped with 2 double-leaf doors: on at the front and one at the back side. Each leaf is equipped with an inner and outer handle.

Each module has an access port Ø 40 mm to put in cables, probes…

An insulation plate is placed under the oven, to avoid thermal losses at ground level and to ensure temperature uniformity.

Cooling systems are composed of an extractor and of an inlet and outlet with motorized flaps managed by the controller.

There are 2 inner lights per module, controlled by a switch.
Each module has mechanical and electronic safeties protecting the oven and the objects from possible overheating.

The electrical cabinet is on the left side of the oven. It is equipped with the FE3000 supervision software.

TCJ probes are placed at the hottest and coolest points of each module. These temperatures are recorded by the supervision software.

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