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Special oven nb : G362

Oven for the polymerization of composite parts for a worldwide leader of aeronautics equipments and systems.

    Technical Data:
  • Volume: 36000L
  • Maximum Temperature: 200°C
  • Inner Casing Size: 3000 x 6000 x 2000 mm
  • Wattage: 130000 Watts

A modular construction

Oven split into three 12m3 modules to make transport by container easier.

Six internal lights in the working volume to increase the visibility of the operator during loading and unloading.

An Ø 60 mm access port allows the passage of various cables or probes. A silicone stopper allows you to block the passage when it isn't used.

Two boxes with 8 thermocouple J plugs each one, to measure temperature anywhere in the working volume.

Electrical cabinet independent of the oven. It may be installed just next to the oven or moved a few meters away, according to your premises layout.

The bottom of the oven is 3 mm thick and bevelled to make trolley access easier.

Polymerization with vacuum bag

The oven is also intended for the polymerization of composite parts in vacuum bags.

Possibility to connect up to 16 vacuum bags (8 vacuum bags per vacuum rail).

Independent solenoid valves control the pumping of vacuum bags. Vacuum level sensors allow you to control the vacuum level in each vacuum bag.

External connector on each vacuum rail to connect vacuum pumps.

A man-machine interface allows you to manage the vacuum (set points, measures, safeties, modes) making control easier.

Polymerization under control

Each module has its own hot air forced convection system: air is sucked in by the impeller, is warmed up by the heating elements then blown out again into the working volume.

The direction of the hot air flow is inverted from one module to another to perfect the distribution of the hot air.

Each module has its own hot air extraction to cool down the inside the oven. Cooling is automatically or manually controlled.

All air outlets are connectable to an air treatment system.

Composite parts benefit from the best conditions for their polymerization.

Oven, loading and operator protection

- heating indicator light: the operator is warned that the loading is under process and that he must not disturb it;

- luminous and sound device indicating a default;

- interior door handle on each door leaf allowing any person trapped in the oven to free;

- ventilation and heating cut off at door’s opening: operator protected against very hot air flow;

- mechanical safety device on each module: oven protected against possible overheating.

FE3000 supervision software

FE3000 supervision software is on a touch-screen PC in the front of the electrical cabinet. It allows you to manage and record all the parameters of the oven independently of the control elements of the electrical cabinet.

Password-protected access to secure use of the oven.

This supervision provides two modes: real time and management. The “real time” module allows you to manage the oven from the touch-screen PC of the oven; the “management” module allows you to manage, from a remote PC, users, programs, records, parameters….

Installation / commissioning / After-sales service

The oven has a one-year guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. Installation, commissioning and staff training are provided by our staff.

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