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Special oven nb : G023

Oven for the polymerization of composite parts in vacuum bagging process for a main French centre dedicated to production process of composite parts.

    Technical Data:
  • Volume: 12000L
  • Maximum Temperature: 250°C
  • Inner Casing Size: 2000 x 3000 x 2000 mm
  • Wattage: 59500 Watts

A standard construction equipped with many options

Oven of a 12 m3 single section adapted to composite parts, floor space adapted to transport by flat bed truck.

Two inner lightings ideally place din the working volume to increase the visibility of the operator during loading / unloading.

Three Ø 60 mm access ports allow the passage of various cables or probes. Silicon corks allow to obstruct them when they are not used.

Two boxes with 4 TCK plugs each one to measure temperature anywhere in the working volume.

An insulation plate may be placed under the oven to protect your workshop floor against excessive temperatures and to avoid heat losses from the floor of the oven.

The oven is 24 months guaranteed. Installation, commissioning and staff training provided by our staffs.

Controlled polymerization and vacuum bagging process

The oven has a ventilation unit, ideally designed and located to provide the best possible distribution of the hot air.

Inside the oven, air follows a closed circuit: air is sucked by the impeller, is heated up by the heating elements then is blown in the working volume. So air is continuously kept close the set point temperature.

A forced cooling system by extractor allows to cool down inside the oven by extracting hot air and by injecting inside ambient air.

When the oven works, ventilation and heating are cut off for each door opening, protecting the operator against excessive temperatures.

Up to 4 vacuum bags can be connected.

Pull vacuum in each vacuum bag is controlled by independent solenoid valves. Vacuum transducers allow to control vacuum level in each bag.

Outside, a DN25 quick coupling allows to connect the vacuum unit.

The vacuum unit is composed of a single stage rotary vane pump, a 300L tank, a control cabinet, an active carbon filter and a 2m connecting pipe.

FE3000 supervision software

FE3000 supervision software is on a large touch-screen PC on rotating arm, allowing to adapt the screen position to the operator. The supervision software allows a full control of all oven parameters.

The access is protected by password to secure the use of the oven.

This supervision has 2 modes: control the oven from the touch-screen PC and manage users, programs, recordings, parameters from a remote PC.

In case of failure of the touch-screen PC, a programmable logic controller takes charge of vacuum control and alarms display.

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