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Special oven nb : E924

3-sections oven for polymerization of composite parts at 420°C.

  • Vertical lift door controlled by a motoreductor

  • Tactile operator terminal as interface between the oven and the operator

  • Electromagnetic locking of the door controlled by a safety thermostat

  • Inside: cable with emergency stop for signalling a human presence

  • Inside: 4 thermocouple connectors

  • Outside: vacuum line with 10 valves and connector for the vacuum pump

  • Independent thermostat detecting any abnormal temperature increase that could be due to self-combustion of the product placed inside the oven; it controls a solenoid valve for injecting CO2 into the oven for inerting

    Technical Data:
  • Volume: 33000L
  • Maximum Temperature: 420°C
  • Inner Casing Size: 3100 x 5500 x 2000 mm
  • Wattage: 180 000 Watts

  • Pivoting bimanual control panel

  • Insulated plate and reinforced for the wheels of the trolley, 4T as maxi load

  • 2 portholes with overglazing

  • 3 inner lights

  • Vacuum display

  • Sound and visual alarm for temperature and vacuum

  • End stops on inner lateral sides

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