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New Laboratoy ovens leaflet

Take a look on our new leaflet "Ovens and Incubators for Laboratory and Industry ".
With all this products, we will meet your needs with accuracy.  
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New XHT high-temperature ovens range 450°C

See the XHT range.
Our XHT high-temperature ovens range has been expanded with new models to satisfy you even better. Now 7 volumes are available : 1000l, 1500l, 1800l, 2700l, 3000l, 4500l and 6500l.
Max temperature : 450°C .
High temperature ovens are suitable for a large number of applications : burning, degassing, pre-heating, hardening, sterilization at high temperature, tests...
Come and discover them on the dedicated section to them :
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on this range at +33164213060.  


FRANCE ETUVES takes part in the fight against coronavirus

As part of the fight against the coronavirus, the Center for Microbiology of the European Hospital Georges Pompidou asked France Etuves, on April 3, for the donation of 2 XB032 incubators. The objective is to inactivate the virus at 56°C in the samples for analysis before putting them on the extractors for :

- better protect the technicians handling the samples,

- gain sensitivity by avoiding having to dilute the samples.

The 2 incubators were delivered from Tuesday April 7 and are now daily used.



Pharmacosmetech exhibition (Chartres)

We are pleased to announce that the PHARMACOSMETECH exhibition will take place from September 15 to 17, 2020 at the Parc des Expositions de Chartres

FRANCE ETUVES will be present with its partner Helios Thermique.
Chartres Exhibition Center, booth C19.

Come see our ranges of ovens and incubators specially dedicated to the health sectors : Pharmaceuticals, Perfumery, Cosmetics, Fine Chemistry, Biotechnology, Homeopathy, Animal Health, Body Hygiene, Medical, Para-Pharmacy, Dietetics, Food Supplements, Baby Food, Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedical, Nutraceutical Ingredients…

More information here :  


The new FRANCE-ETUVES C3030 temperature controller

The new FRANCE-ETUVES C3030 temperature controller will be installed on standard ovens instead of the C3000.
It is very precise and particularly reliable.
Measurement by PT100 or TCJ probe. Electronic PID regulator. Accuracy: 0.1 ° C
Color display, excellent temperature visibility

- display of set point and measured temperature
- display (in percentage) of the heating power used
- date and time display
- Possibility of making 1 program of 8 steps: 4 programmable temperature ramps (°C/min) and 4 temperature timer (max 9999min)
- repeat loop
- Monitoring of your current program (stage and remaining time)
- Pause or stop the program
- end of cycle buzzer
- follow-up alarm to avoid temperature overshoots
- Ability to mute the keys
- RS485 Modbus multipoint communication: allows multiple ovens to be controlled on the same network  


New range of XU-LT low temperature universal ovens

Discover our range of XU-LT low temperature universal ovens available on the market for a few months only. It is a variant of the range of universal ovens XU.

The maximum temperature is 120°C.

XU-LT Low Temperature Universal Ovens are optimized for drying applications from 50°C to 105°C. They are also ideal for heating, components aging, hot keeping, or any other thermal test in laboratories and in all industry sectors.

XU-LT ovens will ensure high accuracy at low temperatures as well as lower consumption on your electrical installation.

You will certainly find the model you need among those in the range :
32, 58, 112, 225, 343, 490, 686 et 980 liters.  


JEC World Composites Show & Conferences Paris 2019

We are already excited meet you during the composite world exhibition Paris (Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center). Il aura lieu au Parc des Expositions de Paris Nord Villepinte. From 12->14 March 2019
Hall 6, booth T61.
We will show you all our new achievements of oven dedicated to the Composite. So see you soon !  


Great success for the China International Composite Exhibition

This 24th China International Composite Exhibition was a big success.
More than 15,000 visitors have come.
France Etuves, with its partners presented its range of ovens dedicated to composite materials and its latest model, the XC275. This oven of 275 liters only is equipped with : vacuum pump, 2 vacuum ports with quick connector for vacuum bags, 2 plugs for thermocouple product, and the powerful FRANCE ETUVES Oven control software FE3000 V4 on a laptop. This oven is intended for prototyping and also for the manufacture of small composite parts.
The visitors met our specialists and they were able to discuss their projects together.
Once again, the know-how and technology of France Etuves were appreciated.



The 24th china international composites industrial technical expo

The company FRANCE ETUVES will be present at the 24th China international exhibition dedicated to composite materials from September 5 - September 7 2018. The exhibition is located at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC).
Our teams will be happy to meet you and show you our latest news.  


XU range : Biomass tests on wood samples

L’utilisation du bois comme source d’énergie est de plus en plus courante en France, avec trois principaux combustibles : le bois bûche, le bois déchiqueté et le granulé de bois. Pour assurer une parfaite combustion, les fournisseurs de combustibles doivent maitriser l’humidité présente dans le bois.
La mesure de l’humidité sur les combustibles bois est encadrée par une norme internationale (norme ISO 18134) qui exige de réaliser les contrôles à l’aide d’une étuve ventilée.

En France, il existe une démarche de certification nationale appelée Chaleur Bois Qualité Plus (CBQ+). Au travers de CBQ+, les producteurs et distributeurs de combustibles bois sont certifiés ISO 9001 pour la fourniture de bois énergie.
Un cahier des charges, établi par CBQ+, impose aux entreprises de contrôler régulièrement l’humidité de leurs combustibles lors de la production avant que ceux-ci soient livrés aux clients.
Pour accompagner les entreprises dans cette démarche de certification, CBQ+ s’appuie sur les compétences de différentes structures d’accompagnement : FIBOIS Ardèche Drôme, Pro-Forêt, Énergies 15 et ABIBOIS.

Depuis 2014, plusieurs achats groupés portés par ces structures d’accompagnement pour le compte de CBQ+ ont été réalisés en partenariat exclusif avec FRANCE ETUVES.
À ce jour, ce sont plus de 70 étuves qui ont été commandées et installées sur les différentes plateformes de production.

« Ce qui nous plaît chez France Etuves, c’est d’une part, sa large gamme de modèle d’étuves ventilées permettant d’équiper les plateformes avec une étuve dimensionnée en fonction des volumes de bois livrés et que FRANCE ETUVES soit un fabricant français » précise Matthieu PETIT responsable bois énergie chez FIBOIS Ardèche Drôme.

« La réactivité et le SAV faisaient partie également des critères de choix de notre fournisseur. Nous en sommes pleinement satisfaits et j’ai pu pour ma part tester le SAV, puisque j’ai été dépanné immédiatement lorsqu’un composant électronique de mon étuve était devenu défectueux » précise Alain TERRY, président de CBQ+.

Grâce aux analyses d'humidité effectuées en interne par les entreprises, les stocks de combustibles bois sont contrôlés régulièrement au cours du process de production. Cela permet d'assurer la traçabilité des produits, de la fabrication à la livraison chez le client, garantissant ainsi un produit dont le taux d'humidité est conforme aux exigences techniques de la chaudière bois.
Pour les entreprises certifiées au travers de CBQ+, l'étuve est devenue un outil de contrôle indispensable dans leurs procédures de fabrication.

Site internet de CBQ+ :  


JEC ASIA exhibition - Seoul November 1-3 2017

This year, the FRANCE ETUVES company will attend the JEC ASIA exhibition from November 1-3 2017 in Seoul.
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We hope to meeting you and discussing your oven projects for your composite materials.


New vacuum ovens ranges

Our new vacuum ovens ranges XFL (up to 1mbar), XFM (up to 10-2mbar) and XFH (up to 10-6mbar) come from the unique know-how of our engineers, thanks to the specialized and expert processes developed in our products.
Thus, you are sure to find the oven that perfectly meets your need.

With vacuum ovens, you can work at pressures below atmospheric pressure.

Vacuum ovens can heat products at low temperatures, with a degree of cleanliness reaching the level of molecules and atoms. They dry much faster than traditional ovens.

Therefore, heat and oxygen sensitive materials such as powders, biological and food products, electronic components are processed efficiently with very short heating times. Your materials will be perfectly degassed.

Our vacuum ovens offer the following advantages:

- A robust build made of painted metal with a corrosion-resistant stainless steel inner casing and easy cleaning,
- A very precise temperature control technology,
- A particularly effective vacuum and measurement,
- A perfect seal,
- Easy temperature control through the entry port at the back of the oven,
- 6 sizes : 20 l, 50 l, 110 l, 220 l, 316 l, 512 l,
- A reinforced glass window installed on the door against the risk of implosion.

All of these advantages make our vacuum ovens reliable, robust and user-friendly.  


SVTM 2017 Exhibition - Nice June 27th-28th 2017

We will be present at the "Salon du Vide et des Traitements des Matériaux SVTM 2017 on Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th June 2017 from 8.30am to 6pm at the Palais des Congrès ACROPOLIS in Nice (France). Stand 81.
Come and discover our latest vacuum ovens and meet our experts who will help you for your projects.
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BOIS ENERGIE exhibition - Limoges March 30 -> April 2nd 2017

Find our products at the BOIS ENERGIE show in Limoges.
Our XU universal ovens are particularly reliable, accurate and powerful, ideal for biomass testing on your wood samples.  


JEC World Composites Show & Conferences – Paris 2017

As every year, the FRANCE ETUVES company will attend the composite world exhibition near Paris (Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center). Booth N56, Hall 6. From the 14th to the 16th March 2017.

We are already excited meet you during this exhibition to show you what's new about our ovens  


MIDEST MAROC 2016 exhibition - Casablanca

We are pleased to invite you to MIDEST MAROC, which will take place from December 14 to 17, 2016 in Casablanca, Morocco.

Come meet us on our stand E30 on the France pavilion , to discover our ranges of ovens and to guide you in the choice of the product adapted to your needs.

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JEC World Composites Show & Conferences – Paris 2016

The FRANCE ETUVES company will attend the composite world exhibition near Paris (Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center) from the 8th to the 10th March 2016. Booth A69, Hall 6.

Meet us to share your projects with our experts who will guide you in choosing the oven adapted to your needs.


XXL large industrial ovens

Our XXL large industrial ovens range is suitable for the thermal treatment of large parts: molds of boat hulls, mechanical parts, plastic rollers, polymers plates and substrates, composites structures, organic materials, paint powders and films, honeycombs plates, electrical engines, glass plates (for photovoltaic cell), concrete slabs, resins, drums….for all industrial fields: aeronautics, concrete, automotive, cosmetics, mechanics, optics, composites, research, plastics, electronics…

Volumes of this range go to 15 m3. Many options and accessories are available: vacuum ports, special loading trolleys, ports for probes, inner made of stainless steel, 300°C as maximum temperature…


5th edition of B to B event for composite materials

The FRANCE ETUVES company was present at the Composites Meetings that took place on the 4th and 5th November 2015 at Nantes (France).

For two days, our sales representatives had many appointments and exchanged views with composite users and suppliers.

We are proud of finding ourselves more and more as a reference in the field of composite curing ovens.

During this event, we had been solicited for many projects of large ovens in France and abroad.

The know-how and the customized manufactures of the FRANCE ETUVES company are internationally recognized.


XU universal ovens range: just try to adopt it!

Our XU universal ovens are suited for all types of applications: drying, heating, heat preservation, sterilization, component ageing, hardening, thermal test…in the laboratories and all industrial sectors.

The standard volumes are from 32L to 980L. These ovens are appreciated for their excellent performances. They can heat up to 300°C. The C3000 temperature controller ensures a perfect control precision. An efficient and optimized ventilation system speeds up the drying process and homogenizes heat in the working volume. A safety with visual and sound alarm protects your products against overheating.

The XU universal ovens have many other unique advantages: easy-to-use, quick heating-up but low energy consumption, possibility to vary air flow, long life construction, inner sheets made of stainless steel, inner lighting, access port, possibility to change inner air and to adjust the flow of air change, loading on many levels…

Many accessories and options are available. For more information, call +33 1 64 21 30 60.


FRANCE ETUVES present at the SECURFOOD business convention

Prestodiag will be at the SECURFOOD business convention on 13-14 October 2015 at the Parc des Expositions in Avignon (France). For this occasion, this innovative company will present its new solution for detecting pathogenic bacterium after 7 to 16h during the primary enrichment. In this instance, Prestodiag has chosen to show its technology in a FRANCE ETUVES XU112 oven which meets the technical needs of their method thanks to its features and performances. For this company, this event is also an opportunity to participate to the Food Intelligence Trophy. We wish them a great success.  


XL industrial ovens range: the reference in the world of industry

The XL industrial ovens range is indispensable to all the industries because it is efficient for thermal treatment, polymerization, coating, drying, stabilization…up to 200°C (300°C as an option).

Between the 8 standard volumes that we propose, choose the model that is the most compatible with your parts and your working pace. The inner sheets of the oven are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel allowing you to treat all types of materials. Control is ensured by the C3000 temperature controller which is very accurate and ensures a thermal stability lower than tenths of a degree. Their ventilation system and the position of the heating elements guarantee the best possible homogeneity. Equipped with two independent safeties with visual alarm, your products will be perfectly protected. The insulation is optimized to reduce energy consumption.

Discover our XL industrial ovens on our website and call +33 1 64 21 30 60 for more information.


Modular ovens XM range: the modularity par excellence

As its name suggests, the modular ovens XM range is ultra-modular; their size is adapted to the size of the product: from 6m3 up to 900m3 (our manufacturing record, but that may be broken by more important needs). They are especially adapted to thermal treatment, polymerization, coating and drying of composite parts.

The basic XM oven is composed of a front double leaf door, a module and a back part. The whole volume of the oven depends on the number and on the size of the assembled modules. The manufacturing with modules reduces manufacturing costs, resulting in very affordable prices and makes easier the delivery and the installation of the oven.

Thanks to their exclusive ventilation system and to their efficient heating system, our XM ovens guarantee an excellent thermal homogeneity. Each module is equipped with an air change system to evacuate polluted air and change air inside the oven. Each module has its own control system (probe and control device) to check constantly temperature and has its own safety systems for temperature and ventilation.

The XM modular ovens are designed for an easy loading of your products without weight limit.

Because your process is unique, your XM oven is too. We had already designed and manufactured XM modular ovens with many accessories and options in order to meet your most demanding requirements. Contact us for more information.  


Industrial ovens XXL range: perfect for the treatment of large size parts

The ovens of the XXL range are designed for all types of applications on all types of matters, for instance: polymerization or curing of composite materials, resins curing, rubber vulcanization, moulds or mechanical parts pre-heating, drying, polymers stabilization, degassing, curing, sintering, annealing, homogenization, tempering, sterilization, stabilization, heating of products packed in drums…up to 200°C (300°C as an option). The XXL large industrial ovens are designed for an easy loading of your products without weight limit.

As a standard, the industrial XXL range is available in 9 volumes from 1m3 up to 15m3. These ovens guarantee an excellent homogeneity thanks to their design and to their exclusive ventilation system studied and designed by our engineers.

The C3000 temperature controller ensures high control accuracy and an exceptional thermal stability for such volumes. It offers also many functions such as heating ramp setting, delayed start, heating timer, buzzer at the end of the cycle… Three safeties protect the oven and your products.

FRANCE ETUVES manufacture customized large industrial ovens to meet your requirements.

Do you want to treat large size parts confidently? The XXL industrial oven will do it safely.


XBR Cooled incubators: efficient control between 0°C and 60°C

The cooled incubators are ideal for keeping products at low temperature. They are suitable for biology and microbiology medical laboratory and for quality controls in industries.

We have recently redesigned this range so that it is more in keeping with your needs: much more ergonomic, the cooling system is integrated in the top part of the incubator to save space. The new easy-to-use controller offers accuracy and an excellent thermal stability from 0°C up to 60°C. The inner casing is made of stainless steel and the corners are rounded to make easier cleaning operations. The ventilation system allows an excellent air distribution in the working volume. An access port allows you to insert cables or control probes inside the oven. A safety with visual and sound alarm protects your products. All cooled incubators have many loading positions and are delivered with two shelves.

Contact us for more information.


After-sales and technical services at your disposal

Our technical service proposes you for France Etuves equipment or of any other brand subject to preliminary study: after-sales service, installation, control, repairs, renovation, cleaning, maintenance contracts, replacement of defective components, certified calibration of devices or measuring chains, homogeneity controls (according NFX 15-140 or AMS2750 standards)… We carry out these operations in our workshops or in your premises.

FRANCE ETUVES, with its strong experience and with its diverse skills, accompanies you through every step of the life cycle of your equipment, allowing you to optimize the functioning of your laboratory or industry and to control your maintenance costs.
Tel: +33 1 64 21 30 60.  


XAS Drying cabinets

Laboratory operators, technicians, chemists, discover our XAS drying cabinets. Thanks to their exclusive ventilation system in a 60°C max atmosphere, our XAS drying cabinets guarantee a quick and gentle drying of your products. Once washed, store inside your beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks, test tubes, pipettes and so on…

This range concerns also, for example, the drying of pipes, pieces of pottery…saving valuable time.


Great satisfaction of food laboratories for our XU range

Our XU ovens are ideal to determine the indicator of hygienic quality and the stability of food products over time and the hermetic seal of containers: stability controls at 32°C, 37°C or 55°C for several days will be perfectly completed. Foie gras producers, snails farmers, arboriculturists specialized in the production of apple juice…had tested their food products and containers and made their thermal, “routine” and “spot” tests with XU universal ovens.

The XU universal ovens of FRANCE ETUVES, equipped with the PID C3000 controller and a temperature safety as standard, guarantee perfect control accuracy and stability that will ensure that your controls go well.

In order to meet your specifications, we propose various accessories and options: temperature recorder, product probes, window, weekly digital timer, homogeneity control certificate… Contact us for more information; we will be pleased to inform you.


France Etuves accelerates pace of expansion in Philippines

During our first meeting in 2013 CISILE (China International Scientific Instrument and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition), the Philippine company Krypton Industrial Resources, Co (KIRC), has shown a great deal of interest in our products just after brief introduction of the XL and XXL lines. “This is exactly what I am looking for”, said Mr. Romel Albores, president of KIRC. “I will definitely contact your company when I go back”.

In February 2014, Krypton Industrial Resources, Co, placed an order for one unit XU980 laboratory oven in such a short time notice. After the initial cooperation, this Filipino customer became fond of France Etuves due to our good quality and in time service. He placed orders for 3 units XXL04.5 within 4 months and 3 containers will be shipped to Philippines. Our sales team and Assemble department were thrilled to witness the moments when the container was being loaded in the factory. This is a millstone stage for France Etuves to set our feet on a newly exploded market.

“Philippines are a very potential market for industrial ovens” commented by Mr. Romel Albores in CISILE, anticipating much more cooperation in the near future with France Etuves. Indeed, with the devalued currency, Southeast Asia has attracted a great deal of world capitals to set their factories in these lands, in which many industrial equipments are needed. “We are confident about the future”, said Mr. Philippe Lemble, CEO of France Etuves, showing determination to accelerate the pace of its expansion in Philippines by achieving more cooperation in the industrial oven areas.  


Tremendous needs in Thailand

“I am excited to tell you that we have got the orders for 50 units XU112. This will be the biggest order for Thailand 12 years since this company was open”, said Mr. Yodchai Uawanapaksa, Sales Manager of SCILUTION CO., LTD, distributor in Thailand. Though it was spread through email, we can still feel his excitement.

After offering eight solutions and months of communication, France Etuves is pleased by the news that this keen distributor’s continuous efforts would be paid in the end. In fact, in order to save his costs so as to increase his possibility of getting this order, we have custom-made many solutions such as carton packing in FCL (Full Container Load) instead of wooden packing in LCL (Less than Container Load), and also thoughtful recommendation for different combinations of models in one container.

Think ahead of customers, serve behind after customers. France Etuves aims to provide the best support for distributors all over the world. As a result of our world-leading knowledge in offering heat process solution, we can custom-made any kind of industrial ovens with multi-options. In November, 2014, XXL04.5 was shipped to Thailand. This unit was equipped with controlled vacuum system and product thermocouples plugs, and with the FE3000 supervision software, the most powerful PC-based control system in France. According to customer’s request, we added U-shape tracks on the insulation floor in order to facilitate the insertion of the trolley. Now this end user’s over-sea factory is approaching for more orders. Flexibility and capacity is the key to France Etuves’ success.

Demands for France Etuves are increasing by 10% each year in Thailand, sales figures shows. In Thailand, France Etuves products are under high exposure. They are seen in exhibitions, in websites, and even in WeChat, the most popular online chatting APP. “Is there any possibility to sell your products in Thailand? ” asked by a new customer, which is a common question that we will receive nowadays. “We will set up a good system to organize distributors and protect them from competition with each other” indicated by Dan Han, sales manager of France Etuves for Asia.  



In Beijing from the 27th to the 29th May, in this international exhibition on composite materials, FRANCE ETUVES will present its composite curing ovens range and documentaries on airflow modeling inside the ovens and on vacuum management for the manufacturing of composite parts in vacuum bags (molds...).  


JEC - composites exhibition - PARIS 2015

FRANCE ETUVES will attend the international exhibition of the composite from 10 to 12 March 2015 - PARIS (Porte de versailles). Hall 7.3, Stand S26.
Come and share your projects with our experts who will guide you in choosing the oven for your needs  


Laboratory Show – Lab Indonesia 2014

ASKOTAMA is the exclusive reseller of the France Etuves brand in Indonesia. It participated in the Lab Indonesia exhibition that took place from the 7th to the 9th May in the Jakarta Convention Centre. This exhibition that is held once every two years in Indonesia, presents the products, equipments and services of the laboratory and permits exchanges between suppliers of equipments, manufacturers, institutions and universities.

Askotama has endeavored to develop the France Etuves brand in Indonesia where the laboratory market is constantly evolving.



FRANCE ETUVES and its Russian partner Carbon Studio were present at the Composite Expo exhibition in Moscow from the 25th to the 27th February 2014.
It was the opportunity to highlight again the FRANCE ETUVES know-how on the ever-growing Russian composite market. Visitors were particularly impressed by the new design of the XXL industrial oven, perfect result of the adaptability, robustness and great accuracy that FRANCE ETUVES ovens offer.  


Increasing Popularity in Vietnam

“In Vietnam, my customers like France Etuves very much. They are very pleased with the quality and design. The ovens are running well”, said by Mr. Cao Huu Hanh, sales manager of PHUC AN EQUIPMENT AND TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED, our most supportive partner in Vietnam.

For the over past 2 years, France Etuves has attracted dramatic interest in Vietnamese lab market. You can see our laboratory ovens in bids, in the science research institute, at school lab center, and in the factories. Figures show that 100 ovens were sold to Vietnam before and we are still receiving more and more requests from our distributor. No doubt that France Etuves has received high compliments from Vietnamese end-users.

Mr. Cao Huu Hanh, who placed the trial order for only one unit XU112 in 2012, found our laboratory ovens conduct excellent performance, thus came back for continuous orders. He is now a big fan of our XU-line, especially XU112. Recently, he was surprised to find that we have made our packing recyclable. It would be a great convenience for him because he can test our ovens in local and pack them again with the same wooden packing. This is what France Etuves’s dedicated into, catering for the needs of our customers, and changing everything to be more user-friendly.

Thanks to his efforts at promoting France Etuves, together with the contribution from SECOVINA (another distributor), we have boosted remarkable sales in this newly-emerging market. We believe that, with France Etuves’ increasing popularity and competitive price, we will break more records in the coming days. Our next goal is to increase the sales proportion for our industrial ovens, such as XXL-Line large industrial ovens, XL-Line stainless steel oven, and XM-Line modular oven.  


Composite curing ovens : 10 years of experience

Because your process is unique, your oven is too. The experience acquired in this sector allows us to offer you a wide range of options and accessories.

They are adapted to your various processes of composite manufacturing: prepreg, RTM, infusion, filament wiring, honeycomb drying, mould preheating, injection of resin under vacuum in moulds, polymerization (under vacuum)….

The composite curing ovens are used in different sectors of the composites industry: aeronautics (helicopter blades, plane parts …), nautical, electricity (composites tube for Very High Voltage isolators), weaponry, spatial (composites tube for propulsive units…), pharmaceuticals, chemicals, glass, rubber, cement, plastics…

Characteristics: oven from 6 up to 900 m3, designed in a modular format with a powerful CAO 3D software, 200°C as maximum temperature (300°C as an option), important air flow for an excellent temperature uniformity, great thermal accuracy, easy shipment of the modules in container.

Possible compliance with aeronautics standards: AMS2750D, NADCAP.
En savoir plus.


NEW: Thermofluidics study

For example, the fluid flow study allows you to check the air circulation in the oven according to your products, check temperature homogeneity, estimate the time required for your process…, necessary before validating your process. Do not hesitate to consult our Design office.  


NEW: FE3000 oven supervision software controls all parameters of your oven remotely and on a network

The France Etuves company has developed a software that allows the complete and secure control of your oven: the FE3000 oven supervision software. All parameters of your applications are manageable, viewable and saved.
It gets used to a wide range of applications: polymerization, drying, curing, repair by curing, post-curing, bonding, heat treatment at atmospheric pressure or under vacuum… on all types of materials: polymers, composites, resins, glues, paint, fiber…
The use is intuitive: screentouch display, clear and logical structure, easy results’ reading and management.
It is possible to control the oven and the parameters via the FE3000 supervision software from the touchscreen display (real time module).
Date is saved in a database and available in real time from any plant computer system.


FE3000 supervision software

For some years now, the FRANCE ETUVES company has developed supervision software allowing a complete and secure management of your oven.

One of our programmers configures the software according to your oven: all parameters (air change, cooling, pumping, vacuum measurement, part temperature measurement…) specific to your application are manageable, viewable and saved.

The software is provided on a large touchscreen display on an articulated arm and integrated into the electrical system of the oven; the position of the display is adjustable to the operator.

The use of the FE3000 supervision is very intuitive; the software structure is clear and logical and allows simplified reading and monitoring of all parameters.

It is possible to manage the oven and parameters via the FE3000 supervision software from the touchscreen display (real time module) or from a remote PC (management module).

The software offers 2 levels of password security to fully control the access and assign a simple user (access limited to some functions) or administrator status to the operator.

All data (temperature and vacuum set points and measurements, fan speeds, air change and cooling rates, histories…) are saved and exportable.

The connection between the FE3000 supervision software and the remote PC is by LAN network. The following equipment is provided with the FE3000 supervision software option: touchscreen display, USB-RS485 cable, RS485 network for data capture/control. All devices (temperature, humidity controllers, frequency variators, input-output modules…) are connected to the RS485 network.  



The FRANCE ETUVES company supports talented young artists of the ZIKAMETZ festival that takes place from September 2013 from the 12th to the 21st in Metz. This festival has taken place from the last 9 years. On the program: hip-hop, rock’n’roll, pop, electro, concerts and working groups for children, round tables and cine-concerts. Come discover!  
En savoir plus.


Our range of universal ovens XU

Precision ovens and efficient, until 300°C, with rapid heating-up.

Our XU universal ovens are all fan circulated models, for accuracy and minimum temperature spatial deviation.

Our XU universal ovens are suitable for all applications for drying, heating, heat preservation, sterilization with hot air (Poupinel), component aging, curing or thermal tests in laboratories and in all branches industry, such as chemistry, electronics, ceramics, mechanics, medical sciences, agri-food….

The XU range is made up of 8 volumes: 32L, 58L, 112L, 225L, 343L, 490L, 686L and 980L.

Many options available.  
En savoir plus.



FRANCE ETUVES announces the victory of its American Football team “The Homies”. After a hard season, the team reached the semi-finals of the Ile-de-France championship.

Our indoor football team, composed of employees, also defended with honor the colors of the company.


International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2013

FRANCE ETUVES company was present at the MAKS international aviation and space salon from 2013 August the 27th to 2013 September the 1st in Russia. This spectacular and interesting event was held in the town of aircraft science and technology, Zhukovsky, in the Gromov Flight Research Institute.

This exhibition aimed to demonstrate the Russian high technologies and the priorities of the Soviet aviation and space markets to the world.

Our target was to establish new contacts with the main protagonists of the space manufacturing and new contracts with the Russian space market, currently in full development.


2013: the year of composite

FRANCE ETUVES is able to propose an ovens range completely adapted to the applications of the composite, regardless of the size of the parts and of the required polymerization temperature. For example, FRANCE ETUVES manufactured the largest 200°C class curing oven, which has a volume of 900m3. This oven allowed to polymerize the hull and the deck of the monohull of the Groupama Sailing Team which won the last Volvo Ocean Race.

The composite materials have been quickly incorporated into different types of industry: aeronautics, water sports, automotive, wind energy, sport, transport, defence… They have several interesting unique features: lightness, durability, robustness, possibility of designing parts with complex geometric shapes, reduced maintenance…

For the ovens, many options (vacuum ports, product thermocouple, recording of data, management of the curing cycles by supervision software…) allow to enhance the basic oven and to deliver a turnkey complete device to all manufacturers of composite parts.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.


Participation in the JEC Europe show in Paris 12 - 14 March 2013

The company FRANCE ETUVES will be present in the JEC Europe show which will take place in Paris from the 12th to the 14th March 2013.

JEC Europe is the only trade show that unites the global composite industry. Paris is the European capital for trade shows, a lot of international composite specialists will be there: raw materials and intermediate products producers, industrial equipment manufacturers, research and development engineers, end-users…

We will be at the disposal of professionals in search of equipments adapted to composite materials manufacturing. Thanks to our “Research and Innovation” department, our design office will propose to you the best solutions.
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FRANCE ETUVES in Russia 26 - 28 February 2013

The Moscow Composite Expo show took place from the 26th to the 28th February 2013. The company FRANCE ETUVES was here with its Russian partner Carbon Studio.

This provided an opportunity to meet international leading actors of the composite sector. We had been able to make reveal our ovens adapted to composite treatments to a large number of exhibitors and visitors, particularly interested in the adaptability, the robustness and the great accuracy offered by our ovens.



To meet the needs of major industrial groups, FRANCE ETUVES has developed an oven perfectly adapted to very long parts: the top loading oven.

These ovens are used for instance in the petroleum industry for qualification testing of electronic equipments placed in drill pipes, in the wind energy and aeronautics industries for the polymerization of blades.

The standard top loading oven is 4m long and has a 360L working volume. The maximum temperature is 200°C. The inner casing is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel in order to comply with all types of applications. The extremities are removable to connect end-to-end ovens of this type. The oven is on a robust frame with castors and high-adjustable feet to easily move and immobilize it levelled. The oven is equipped with a ventilation system where air is horizontally distributed to ensure temperature homogeneity along the entire length of the part.

These ovens are sold with many options complying with your specifications, for information: 300°C maxi, addition of a cool air generator for use up to -40°C, supervision software…
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Glassware drying cabinets: THE RANGE EVOLVES!

2 models: 320L (XAS320) and 800L (XAS800)

Perfect hot air distribution thanks to optimized ventilation.
Practical side: the XAS800 model is equipped with castors.
Energy savings: the XAS model is equipped with a handy temperature controller with delayed start.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
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250 m3 oven for polymerization

A 250 m3 oven is at present in service at a customer, main actor in aeronautics, to his satisfaction.

This 250 m3 oven has 3 lift doors: one at each extremity and one in the middle. This allows to split the working volume into 2 parts and to use the 2 halves for different process when it is necessary. The maximum temperature is 250°C. Efficient supervision software monitors the homogeneity which is perfect. Considering the volume, it is a success. Many equipments come completing this oven.  
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COMPOSITES EUROPE show on October 2012 from the 9th to 11th

FRANCE ETUVES will exhibit at the COMPOSITES EUROPE show in the Exhibition Center in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The unavoidable meeting of autumn 2012! This international exhibition will deal with the last trends and topics of the composites industry in the fields of aeronautics, wind power, renewable energies and so many others.

Come to meet us at the French Pavilion, hall 8b.
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FRANCE ETUVES will be represented at the composites show on November 2012, from the 1st to the 3rd in New Delhi, India.

The Indian composites market being booming, we have the pleasure to introduce our ovens ranges answering the criteria of this industry.

Come to discover our last products and solutions.
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CHINA COMPOSITES EXPO, September 5-7, 2012

FRANCE ETUVES is present at the CHINA COMPOSITES EXPO that takes place in Shanghai, China.

This important show brings together more and more visitors from around the world and allows to meet a lot of national and international actors of the composites industry: resin, equipment and tools, adhesive, additives, design and manufacture of composites parts…

Join us at the booth 253 to discover our know- how, our product and solutions in the composites field.
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Examples of use of XF vacuum ovens

The reference in terms of gently drying and degassing!

Our vacuum ovens are used in plastics, resin, polymers domains for degassing operations or for a reliable drying without oxidation, while protecting the products (they are particularly adapted to lightweight samples, such as powders).

The pressure lowering exerted on the surface of these materials allows to evacuate gas that they contain.
Heating and pump down optimize this process that allows to weaken the embrittlement of the products.

The XF vacuum ovens are also efficient for degassing various material. For instance, they allow a qualitative and quantitative analysis of gaseous substances ejected by the material after a heat stress.

The FRANCE ETUVES vacuum ovens XF range are intended for all types of applications: drying, burning, impregnation, annealing, surface treatment…in rough and secondary vacuums. We adapt the vacuum system to the application.

We propose various solid, quality and very practical options: digital display of pressure, display of the product temperature….

Our commercial services are at your disposal.
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Precision ovens and efficient, until 300°C, with rapid heating-up.

Our XU universal ovens are all fan circulated models, for accuracy and minimum temperature spatial deviation.

Our XU universal ovens are suitable for all applications for drying, heating, heat preservation, sterilization with hot air (Poupinel), component aging, curing or thermal tests in laboratories and in all branches industry, such as chemistry, electronics, ceramics, mechanics, medical sciences, agri-food….

The XU range is made up of 8 volumes: 32L, 58L, 112L, 225L, 343L, 490L, 686L and 980L.

Many options available.
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XF range: vacuum ovens

Our XF Vacuum ovens are easy to use and have practical equipments necessary for vacuum. XF range is made up of 4 volumes: 20L, 50L, 120L and 240L.

A performance until 10-6 mbar and maximum temperature only on our XF ovens.

- Primary vacuum
- Secondary vacuum
- Heating up to 200°C (300/400°C in option)
- Final vacuum of 10-6 mBar, depending on the vacuum pump used
- Temperature time fluctuation: less than ±0,2°C.

They are adapted for soft drying, thermal treatments, speed heating of powders, granulates, sensitive products...for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, plastic, electronic, chemical, agri-food...laboratories and industries.

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Examples of use of universal oven: furnace for dental prosthesis

Prosthetists have contacted FRANCE ETUVES which puts a large choice of furnaces (XU032 litres to XU980 litres) forward at very competitive prices. Furnaces meet several applications such as:

- softening of the support made of wax in order to separate it from the model made of resin,

- forming of dried parts,

- drying of impressions made of plaster,

- secondary sintering of dental bridges’ elements,

- resin burn and covering dehydration,

- stabilization of lightly contorted dental bridges.

These furnaces can be equipped with a window on the door, an inner lighting, a temperature profiler.

The convection principle allows an excellent homogeneity, a very good thermal accuracy and a quick temperature increase, key elements for a perfect curing and a good productivity of your investment.

Each model has a temperature alarm, an inner casing made of stainless steel (outer casing made of stainless steel as an option) and several storage levels in order to use better inner space.
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Incubators for water quality test

With complete peace of mind, hoist on the beach the Pavillon Bleu, guarantee of an exemplary quality of environmental water.

Our incubators are completely adapted to:

- tests of embryos and larvae of bivalves,

- detection broths,

- hydrogen sulphide tests,

- tests of coliphage detection,

- A-1 broth tests,

- ...
on all types of: bathing water, water of natural environment, swimming water, water for human consumption, waste water, water for irrigation....

Our XB combine natural and forced convection and allow to work at different temperatures by providing an accurate incubation temperature.

Our incubators which have a lot of equipments and options are easy to use and guarantee an excellent thermal accuracy.  
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The Russian market have recognized the FRANCE ETUVES know-how

Our company, represented by its general manager Mr Lemblé and its sales manager Mr Wacquet, introduced itself to Russian manufacturers by taking part in the COMPOSITE EXPO show of Moscow from February 28th to March 1st 2012.

Our representatives were on the stand of our Russian partner CARBON STUDIO, company specialized in the sale of supplies (resins, fibres, prepreg…) and equipments (ovens, autoclaves, injection machines…) for composite materials. The company CARBON STUDIO is established in Saint Petersburg and is the main leader on the Russian market in the composite field.

We met customers common to our company and to our partner, which offer to us new projects mainly in the aeronautics field, and others in the nautics field.


XL range: this industrial ovens range increases its reputation

The performances of the XL range have again attracted attention of the field of drop-off centers for drying waste material. Orders are to remove humidity by heating at a constant temperature during 48H. The obtained result is very satisfactory.

These ovens also prove themselves in the field of animal food. The drying of forage’s samples is carried out at a constant temperature to remove humidity. This application measures the dry matter from which the food quantity to give to the animals will be calculated. The conditions of execution of this application and the obtained results are very satisfactory.

An easy use, a robust structure, efficient ventilation, a reliable accuracy and homogeneity are the main advantages of this range which declines from 125L to 1800L.

Beyond, you will find the XXL range from 1000L to 24000L (stainless steel inside as option) with many available options.


XU range: indispensable to the fields of adhesive and automobile

Easy to use, accurate and perfectly ventilated, universal ovens are necessary in the adhesive field, for instance, to do tests of adhesive cohesion or gluing of metallic parts in order to improve their internal strength or reinforce parts. Results are more than satisfactory.

For instance, our universal ovens are used in the field of automobile for tests and warm-up on mechanical parts. Instructions are to subject parts the necessary structure transformations in order to improve their mechanical characteristics: hardness, ductility, limit of elasticity… Our ovens had perfectly taken up the challenge.

The XU universal ovens range declines from 32 to 980L and owns many options, offering each need a suitable solution.


JEC ASIA 2011: new projects in prospect

The company FRANCE ETUVES participated during 3 days in the JEC ASIA 2011 show that got together many manufacturers from the USA, Germany, Japan, Indie…

Thanks to its experience, the company FRANCE ETUVES has been pointed out by manufacturers from Asian area with Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia whose the lines of businesses are automobile, aeronautics, aviation and nautical.

The French embassy also participated in this show by organizing a friendly party with its nationals and manufacturers of Singapore.

In addition to the interesting perspectives for the development of FRANCE ETUVES in South East Asia, the company has collected interesting projects actually on the drawing board: tunnel ovens, top loading ovens, composites ovens…


News: a 125 m3 (125000L) high-performance oven! A work in process 250m3 (250000L) oven!

This 125 m3 custom-made oven was designed for the polymerization at 180°C of composite parts for helicopters.

Its inner dimensions are imposing: 4,4 m high and 8,4 m long. Its system of vertical lift door simplifies the loading, avoids the handling and clears floor space. The oven’s body is an assembly of 4 independent sections. The homogeneity performances in such volume are great: +/- 2°C at 250°C.

As a result of the success of this new product, FRANCE ETUVES is now manufacturing an oven twice as big: 250m3, i.e. 250000L, 8 sections and 3 vertical lift doors (1 door at each extremity and 1 door inserted in its middle).
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Arablab 2011 Exhibition at Dubai !

We are happy to inform you that our middle east distributor will hold a booth in Arablab 2011 at Dubai! Their company name is SBT SPARKLE, you can meet them in the Sheik Saeed Hall on the Stand n°148.

The exhibition will hold from the 7th to the 10th of March, at DUBAI, UAE.
Don't hesitate to go to visit them to discover our XU universal ovens!  


Composite oven for DAHER / AIRBUS

France-Etuves has designed and manufactured a high temperature composite oven for the leader in aeronautics. Their application is the polymerization of a new generation of composite, curing at 420°C.

This oven is again for France-Etuves a new technical achievement. In this volume of 34m3, we have an excellent homogeneity at high temperatures. We obtain ±1,3°C at 180°C and ±3,9°C at 420°C.

This oven longer than 5 meters, is designed with 200mm insulation, a vacuum ramp, an interior light, manufactured with stainless steel SUS430. The vertical lift door lifts up to 6 meters high.

The head of infrastructure concluded: "Congratulations to the team France-Etuves for his involvement in this project."  


Composite oven for chinese aeronautic

France-Etuves is working since more than one year with an aeronautic chinese manufacturer. We are manufacturing for them a first very large industrial oven for their helicopter assembly line. This once again proves that the engineering department of France-Etuves is constant innovation.

This oven for composite polymerization is about 120 cube meters, will heat until 250°C and it will be equipped with a vertical lift door up to 8 meters high.

This first oven will be received during 2011 in China after a construction made entirely in France. The customer built military aircraft, airliners, helicopters but also jet engines.  


New volumes for our laboratory ovens

The smallest ovens of these lines are less deep in order to adjust at best to processes and products to dry.
Less deep, the loading of these ovens is easier: the loaded volume / working volume ratio is optimized. They take up less space on the lab tables of laboratories and so the user takes advantage of more space and comfort.
Offered at very attractive prices, try these new ovens!
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The largest oven in Europe: 900m3

This week, France-Etuves manufactured the largest curing oven in Europe in the 200°C class. The exceptional size of this equipment, in this range of temperature (32.6 m long, 6.9 m wide and 4 m high, i.e. approximately 900m3) will enable MULTIPLAST SAS to offer its customers vast possibilities in the manufacturing of “out-of-autoclave” polymerized parts.

The Groupama 4 monohull, destined to take part in the next “Volvo Ocean Race” round the world race, will be the first project to benefit from this equipment. In less than 30 minutes the curing oven, according to the production phases, can be positioned over the deck or hull. However, because of measurement rules, the curing temperature of this vessel shall not exceed 95°C.

For Francis Wacquet, Sales Manager of France Etuves, “…with this creation, our company has shown its capacity to supply a 900 m3 unit, designed, manufactured and assembled on the client site in record time. This equipment is innovative because an exceptionally consistent temperature of up to 200°C can be obtained due to its new ventilation concept.”  
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Our industrial ovens used for cosmetics

Equipped with two opposite doors as an option in order to be placed between a laundry and a clean room, the industrial oven answers to several types of applications like:
- drying of compact powders,
- drying after washing of parts made of stainless steel of conditioning machines,
- drying of laboratory's containers, beakers...,
- heating of drums containing bases,
- temperature holding,
- …
it will be ideal and useful in cosmetic laboratories and laundries.
The ovens of the XL and XXL lines are from few to several cubic metres and robust. They are modifiable to be perfectly adapted to your needs: stainless steel exterior, porthole on the door, inner lighting, air change or cooling extractor, filter on the air inlet, air flow and heating stop with opening of the door, airtight inner casing, special shelves, loading by trucks, non-insulated plate to expedite the access of trucks, stainless steel tray, special internal equipment for ventilation, weekly automation....

- Efficient air flow for the drying of utensils
- Possibility of adapting the airflow speed for the drying of powders
- Hot chamber for temperature holding of cosmetic bases.  
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Jec Composites Show 2010

FRANCE ETUVES contributes to the development of composites materials by offering ovens adapted to this kind of material.
Being a major supplier of a lot of customers specialized in composites materials, its naturally that France Etuves will go to the international JEC COMPOSITES exhibition in paris on April 2010.

Don't hesitate to visit us directly on our booth T3, Hall 1 !  
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Top loading ovens

Are you searching for an oven that allows you to polymerize very long composites parts (helicopter or windmill blades) or carry out the maintenance, the burn-in and qualification testing of down-hole electronic logging equipment for the petroleum industry?

FRANCE ETUVES has the solution: the top loading oven. 4 meters long or more with the coupling of several ovens of this type, the top loading oven adapts to the lengths of the different parts to dry and assures in safety the continuity of the process.  
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New large industrial ovens XXL

New volumes for the XXL line of FRANCE ETUVES. These new volumes expand from 1 000 L to 24 000 L.

From one to three metres wide, simple or double door, the plate is non-insulated to make easier the loading of your trucks. As an option, the plate may be insulated and the oven may be equipped with an access ramp.

The exceptional hardiness and the extended service life of the XXL line are provided by its structure made of mechanically welded tube, its inner casing made of electro-galvanised sheet (stainless steel in option) and its outer casing made of sheet steel made finished in a tough stoved epoxy paint.

The ovens of the XXL line are designed to carry out all types of applications, for instance: polymerization or curing of composites materials, resin curing, rubber post-vulcanization, preheating of moulds or mechanical parts, drying, polymers stabilization, degassing, curing, sintering, annealing, homogenization, tempering, sterilization, stabilization, drums reheating…

The ovens of the XXL line satisfy temperature homogeneity requirements. The oven may be equipped with one or several stirring fans to adapt the air flow to the volume and the product and with one or several air change or cooling extractors. The wattage vary according to the model
FRANCE ETUVES manufactures custom-built XXL ovens thanks to its design office to satisfy your requirements.

Contact us for more details or information. Our commercial and technical teams will answer you with pleasure.  
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Special Ovens for Composites

Designed to comply with AMS2750D, NADCAP. Special ovens for composites are used in different sectors of the composites industry: aeronautics (helicopter blades, plane parts …), nautics, electricity (composites tube for Very High Voltage isolators), weaponry, spatial (composites tube for propulsive units…), …

They are adapted to your various manufacturing processes of composites: prepreg, RTM, infusion, filament wiring, honeycomb drying, mould preheating, …

Characteristics: ovens from 12 à 80 m3, from 1 up to 8 sections designed with a powerful CAO 3D software, powerful internal air fan, 30 kW electrical heating elements, probe, controller, extractor fan... maximum temperature: 250°C (more in option), important air flow for an excellent uniformity, great thermal accuracy, shipment: 3 sections in 40”HQ container.

Optional equipment: vacuum connectors for vacuum moulding, compressed air connectors ...  
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France-Etuves wins the France Export's award

On Tuesday, 6th October 2009 occurs the Forum International Classe Export in Paris. This event has as aim to remain hopeful and to avoid turning over “the bad figures of the French external trade”.

The occurrence brought together about 3000 visitors with 277 international trade experts through a lot of business appointments, meetings, debates and experience sharing. In the evening, FRANCE-ETUVES has got the export trophy, category: under 5M€ of the sales.

This reward gratifies the increase the export sales: +50% from 2007 to 2008 and the efficient activity of the company in Asia and the USA. “This is the example of a technical company which has won the trust of French great groups for contracts in France and abroad thanks its valuation”, says M. Hoffmeister, the founder of Classe Export.  


Drying ovens for laboratory and production materia

France Etuves starts up a complementary ovens line answering to the needs of the phamaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

These ovens, designed with two opposite doors, are emplaced in a airlock between the laundry and the clean room. The drying process is optimized because, after the washing, the conditioning equipment (as containers, mixers, tubings, pumps...) is directly taken charge in the clean room. The inside is made of stainless steel. The outside is made of stoved epoxy painted sheet steel or of brushed stainless steel. Drying is quick thanks to a powerful ventilation which may be adjusted. Two independent safety devices forbid heating if a failure occurs in the control system. They provide the protection of the oven and its loading.

A lot of options are available to apadapt the oven to your products: prohibition to simultaneously open the doors thanks to the locking during a cycle, place of the control and information panels in different rooms, custom-made stainless steel trucks, possibility to built the oven in the floor to make easier the access of the trucks...  

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