As particulate concentration is a key part for working in a clean room, we design and manufacture your oven that will respect all constraints.

You work in the manufacture of semiconductors, biotechnology, biology, agro-food industry, the manufacture of spacecraft, the preparation of pharmaceutical products, the manufacture of optical products and of micromechanism, the hospitals for operating suite or of bacteriology, medical research sector, the manufacture of radioactive elements… within the context of a clean room.

We are able to meet your needs. We produced many ovens having a lot of features of the clean room. We also are able to adapt our ranges of vacuum, industrial, universal… ovens to the requirements of clean rooms.

Our ovens for clean room are perfectly insulated. Insulation is staunched in order to prevent contamination of your clean room with insulating particles. The inner and outer casings of the oven are welded to be leak-free. All passages (access ports for cables, drive shaft…) are equipped with seals in order to guarantee perfect airtightness.

Inner and outer sheets may be made of stainless steel. Particles released from the thermal treatment will not fix the sheets, making cleaning easier.

Air inlets and outlets, depending on sucked up and discharged air location, may be equipped with very efficient filters and prefilters that prevent contamination of your clean room. According to your request and needs, they can be equipped with safeties that measure their dirtying rates and warn the operator in case of required maintenance.

As the success of your process may be due to minimal temperature variations, we propose the best control systems on our ovens. The control accuracy is excellent; we can propose calibration certificates of the measuring chains, temperature and/or vacuum profilers allowing to follow your most complex programs…

If an only part of the oven must be in the clean room, we can equip it with two opposing doors. For instance, a door will be used for loading your products from the clean room area, and another one will be used to recover the treated products from your technical room. In that case, the oven will be equipped with two control panels allowing you to control the oven from the both areas.

We have also a wide range of options and accessories to perfect your oven: electromagnetic locking of the door, air change and/or cooling extractor, variable fan speed drive, maximum temperature to be defined, weekly digital clock, timer…

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