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Special oven nb : E828

Composite oven with vertical lift door for polymerization of composite parts.

    Technical Data:
  • Volume: 125000L
  • Maximum Temperature: 250°C
  • Inner Casing Size: 4400 x 8400 x 3400 mm
  • Wattage: 580 000 Watts

  • 4 modules composed this oven

  • For each module: pressure and vacuum fittings, thermocouples sockets, 1 fan, 1 extractor, several resistances, safeties, 1 recorder

  • Heating power per module: 120 kW

  • Guillotine door motorized by a motorreductor with brake, limit switches for the door’s positioning

  • Control console for door’s opening/closing

  • Catwalk all around the oven, access by a ladder

  • Emergency door at the rear of the oven

  • Inside: life line for warning that somebody is shut inside the oven

  • The oven is completely managed by the Supervision software by FRANCE ETUVES

  • Insulated and reinforced plate

  • Inside made of stainless steel 304

  • Vertical ventilation: the hot air is blowed in the oven by the top parts on the whole depth

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