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XSV High-temperature ovens are used for drying, vulcanization, curing of surface layers, granulates drying, burning-in of electrical components and preheating of various materials before additional processing.


  • 450°C maxi,
  • Horizontal ventilation for a homogeneous distribution of hot air,
  • High-quality insulation materials for lower surface temperatures and energy costs.


There are 8 volumes: 650, 1000, 1500, 3300, 4000, 4500, 6000 and 8000 liters.

External sheets are made of structural steel and painted red (RAL3020) and black (RAL9005). Internal sheets are made of stainless steel. Insulation is made of mineral fiber.

The control panel is located on the right or on the left side.

650L and 1000L have a simple door opens to the left; locking by adjustable clamps. The 1500L and above models have a double leaf door with a central door lock bar.

XSV High-temperature ovens have 130mm-high feet for handling by forklift and lifting rings for handling by crane.

Ventilation / heating

All models have a fan located at the backside.
Ventilation is horizontal: air is blown from the lateral backside on the whole height. Flaps allow to adjust air flow.
The ovens have an Ø 100 mm air inlet and outlet with manually adjustable flaps.
Heating is ensured by heating elements located on the lateral sides.


Temperature control is ensured by INDUSTRY profiler allowing you to create up to 30 profiles with 16 steps each ones. Temperature is measured thanks to a thermocouple type K probe.


The door is equipped with a mechanical detector that cuts off ventilation and heating when the door is open.
The oven is equipped with an electronic safety thermostat that cuts off heating in case of overheating and to indicate it with a default indicator.
The fan is protected by a circuit breaker. Any overcurrent is indicated by a default indicator.
A default indicator indicates an incorrect connection of the oven.

Standard equipment

650L and 1000L models are provided with a perforated plate. Other models are provided without plate.

Options / accessories

Additional plates are available as accessories for the 650L and 1000L models.
The standard option of the XSV high-temperature ovens is the portable recorder. Consult us for other options.

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