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Our range of XM ovens is ultra-modular, their size is adapted to the size of the product.

These ovens are adapted to composites curing, polymerization, coating and drying applications.

Max temperature : 200°C / 300°C (option)

Exclusive modular design

The basic XM oven is composed of a front double leaf door (with safety inner handle), a module and a back part.

The internal and external sheets are made of electrogalvanized steel. The external sheets are coated with white and blue epoxy paints.

3 light points per module activated at doors opening.

The manufacturing with modules reduces manufacturing costs resulting in very affordable prices for the customer.

There are 7 standard volumes of modules: XM06 (6m3), XM07.5 (7,5m3), XM08 (8m3), XM09 (9m3), XM10 (10m3), XM12 (12m3) and XM24 (24m3).

The whole volume of the oven depends on the number and on the size of the assembled modules.
Example: 4 XM08 modules form a W 2 m x H 2 m x D 8 m oven, that is to say a 32 m3 volume.

Excellent temperature uniformity

Thanks to their exclusive ventilation system and to their efficient heating system, our XM ovens guarantee excellent temperature uniformity.

Working volume's air is sucked by the impeller, is reheated by the heating elements then is blown into the working volume.

Heating is ensured by heating elements, ideally placed in the air flow. The thermal insulation by asbestos-free glass wool is optimized.

Each module is also equipped with an air change system allowing to evacuate polluted air.

Accurate temperature control

Each module has its own control system (probe and control device) that allows to constantly control the temperature inside the oven.

Protections for your oven
and your products.

Each module has also its own protection systems.
An ajustable electronic thermostat (class 3.1 protection) protects your products. It measures the temperature in the volume, and supports the regulation in case of failure of the temperature controller. It stops heating until the temperature has dropped below the value of its setting.

A mechanical thermostat with reset button (class 1 protection) protects the oven. It checks if the temperature rises unusually. Heating is then cut.

In case of failure of the ventilation fan, the heating is stopped.

Different visual alarms.

Easy loading

XM ovens are designed for a loading by trolley. The floor of the oven is a thin electrogalvanized steel sheet, allowing you to easily bring in your products.

Demountable for an easy delivery

Their module design allows them to be easily delivered. Each module is dismantled for a minimum-sized package then is carefully packed. According to the mean of transport, by road or by sea, the oven is delivered by truck or by container.

As an option, our technicians’ teams may install the modules in your premises and connect your oven.

Because your process is unique, your XM oven is too!

    Some examples of performed adaptations:
  • Loading trolleys,
  • Vacuum units,
  • Uniformity control certificates,
  • Probes calibration certificates,
  • FE3000 supervision software designed by FRANCE ETUVES, easy-to-use and strictly adapted to your oven and to your process,
  • Air extraction system, improving standard air change or speeding cooling up,
  • Internal sheets made of stainless steel,
  • Special color for external sheets,
  • Front, back (instead of the back part) or intermediary vertical lift door,
  • Access ports, different diameters, for passing cables, probes…
  • Inner vacuum and pressure ports for bags,
  • Temperature, vacuum, pressure profilers and recorders,
  • Connectors for mobile probes,
  • Movable partition-wall for using only a part of the oven in case of different process, energy savings,
  • Maxi temperature up to 300°C,
  • Windows on the door,
  • Insulation of the floor of the oven with accesses for the casters of the trolley that avoids thermal dissipations,
  • Additional safeties,
  • ….

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