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High temperature oven XHT


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The high temperature ovens are easy to use, having both functional and practical equipments, at very reasonable prices compared with furnaces.
All high temperature ovens are strongly ventilated for the accuracy and homogeneity of temperature in the volume.
Low thermal mass insulation materials and strong power rating have been used to achieve rapid heating.

    Why choose our XHT high temperature ovens ?
  • Rapid heating-up to 450 C
  • Temperature fluctuation: less than ±0,2 C
  • Temperature spatial variation: less than ±2,5 C at 200°C
They are suitable for a large number of applications: burning, degassing, pre-heating, hardening, hot air sterilization, tests... in many branches of laboratory and industry.


  • Two sizes: 125 and 343 liters.
  • The inner casing is made of corrosion and heating resistant stainless steel.
  • The outer casing is made of sheet steel, finished in a tough stoved epoxy paint (white and blue colors).
  • No contact between inner and outer casing and an optimised insulation minimises heat dissipation and allow a best heating quality.
  • The walls and the door are insulated with glasswool, safe for users. The insulation is 150mm thick, ensuring efficient operation, low external temperatures and excellent thermal stability. A special gasket provides a good seal between the door and the oven body, aiding insulation.
  • The insulation and the gasket are asbestos-free.
  • The door is hinged on the right hand side and closed with a 2 robusts point fastener.
  • Access for probes and cables on the right side, diam 20 mm with fiber cork.

    The tubular heating elements are sheathed, made of stainless steel, and ideally placed in the air blow. No-wear switching (solid state relay) is used for activating and desactivating the heating elements.
    But our heating speed is not only done by our heating element. It is also achieved by our insulation. When the oven is well insulated, heat will be kept inside the chamber. Our quality of heating will reduce a lot the energy cost!


    Temperature sensor is a J thermocouple. The temperature is controlled by a precise microprocessor-based controller that provides a high accuracy and prevents the set temperature from being exceeded. The controller digitally displays continuously the set and actual values of temperature. An independant second electronic controller, with a second thermocouple, has an adjustable upper limit, giving a class 3.1 protection.


    All ovens are fan circulated. The air flow speeds up the heating time and also events the temperature distributionwithin the oven. The centrifugal blower is located at the top of the oven, shielded from the workspace by a stainless steel baffle.
    Air is sucked by the fan from the top, passes over the temperature sensor and the sheathed heater elements, then is blown into the working volume.


    Through access vent, fresh air is provided and pre-heated before entering the chamber.
    A 60 or 80 mm diameter exhaust vent is provided with an adjustable valve to control the exhaust air flow.


    Fixed shelving for convenient loading / unloading.
    2 shelves are supplied.
    A wide range of factory-fitted options and accessories to meet your exact requirements...

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