Thermal fluid study

Our Design Office is composed of engineers trained to the best-performing simulation software that allow us to simulate in the real conditions of use of the oven.

All our ovens ranges have been designed with CAD software after been studied by our engineers. We quickly simulate thermal transfers, pressures and fluid flows, key elements for the success of our designs.

For your special ovens and in preliminary project, we can offer you a simulation that allows you to know temperature homogeneity inside your oven, air flows, particles trajectory… The simulation can be made when the oven is empty or with a simulation of your product.

We can compare many design solutions in order to take best decisions and obtain the best-performing oven. This will allow us to submit to you the best possible design according to your criteria, in order to offer ovens increasingly efficient and the best suited to your applications.

We offer also to make thermal studies. We can format thermal simulation results obtained after a study depending on your criteria: applications, your products needing treated, heating and cooling types… in order to study the feasibility of your project, to specify your requirements, to optimize your process…, essential precautions before the detailed design phase. We will provide you then a complete file showing various propositions with schemes, calculations, observations and suggestions.

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