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The Engineering Department

The France Etuves engineering department is composed of mechanical engineers and of electrical and automation engineers.

The sales team notifies your specifications to the engineering department that studies its feasibility.

High accuracy softwares

Once the project is validated by the customer, our engineers design the oven by using efficient software solutions.

The mechanical part is 3D designed thanks to the following CAD software products: Topsolid and Solidworks. As regards the homogeneity and customization constraints, a study is also carried out with the SolidWorks Flow Simulation software. This simulation software makes easier the fluid dynamics calculation allowing us to easily and quickly present fluidics and thermal transfer preliminary project. This method offers an optimum design.

Criteria are performance and adaptability.

Our mechanical engineers work with our electrical and automation engineers.

The electrical engineers “electrically” design the oven; they produce electrical diagrams with the E3.Schematic software assuring a unique and correct representation of the diagrams. The wide configuration opportunities of this software allow us to create diagrams in various formats to be suited to customers’ requirements.

For special needs, the integration of a PLC is required. To carry out programs, our automation engineers use various softwares according to the selected automaton: Somachine or Vijeo Designer (Schneider brand), Millenium 3 (Crouzet brand), Itools (Eurotherm brand)….

The method technicians’ team takes charge of release management. From 3D files of the designers, they create spare parts list for the sheet metal factory and various production plans (DXF files) that are sent to our sheet metal and assembly workshops.

Then the production begins.

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