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2015: Lower prices for the XAS range

Glassware drying ovens XAS

XAS320 : 1995€

XAS800 : 2980€

Warranty included.
Prices excl tax.

  XAS cabinets are designed to dry and store glassware at an adjustable temperature up to 60°C.
They are functional, easy to use, easy to maintain and efficient.

They incorporate an exclusive ventilation system for optimal drying.

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End-of-series of the XF range

End-of-series of of the XF vacuum ovens

2465€ -> 1690€

4822€ -> 2990€

  Precision, efficiency and performance
Your application under vacuum is perfectly controlled: drying, degassing, protection against oxidation...

Standard model. Warranty included.
Prices excl tax.

According to availability.

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After-sales and technical services at your disposal
Our technical service proposes you for France Etuves equipment or of any other brand subject to preliminary study: after-sales service, installation, control, repairs, renovation, cleaning, maintenance contracts, replacement of defective components, certified calibration of devices or measuring chai ... Continue

XAS Drying cabinets
Laboratory operators, technicians, chemists, discover our XAS drying cabinets. Thanks to their exclusive ventilation system in a 60°C max atmosphere, our XAS drying cabinets guarantee a quick and gentle drying of your products. Once washed, store inside your beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks, test tubes, ... Continue

Great satisfaction of food laboratories for our XU range
Our XU ovens are ideal to determine the indicator of hygienic quality and the stability of food products over time and the hermetic seal of containers: stability controls at 32°C, 37°C or 55°C for several days will be perfectly completed. Foie gras producers, snails farmers, arboriculturists spec ... Continue



France Etuves accelerates pace of expansion in Philippines
During our first meeting in 2013 CISILE (China International Scientific Instrument and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition), the Philippine company Krypton Industrial Resources, Co (KIRC), has shown a great deal of interest in our products ... Continue

Tremendous needs in Thailand
“I am excited to tell you that we have got the orders for 50 units XU112. This will be the biggest order for Thailand 12 years since this company was open”, said Mr. Yodchai Uawanapaksa, Sales Manager of SCILUTION CO., LTD, distribu ... Continue

In Beijing from the 27th to the 29th May, in this international exhibition on composite materials, FRANCE ETUVES will present its composite curing ovens range and documentaries on airflow modeling inside the ovens and on vacuum management for the manufacturing of composite parts in vacuum bags (mold ... Continue

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